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The AUSKIW Advantage is simple.
Here’s why.


One of the most fundamental human desires is to own a home. Your home is where you go after a hard day of work or a refreshing day of play. It’s where you return to rest at night and where you invite family and friends to visit. Your home should be a reflection of who you are. It should have a style that suits you and features that meet your needs. In short, when you arrive it should feel like you’re coming home.

The skilled and experienced design team at Auskiw understand this desire. While you may be happy with one of our current floor plans, you may also decide you want something completely unique. That’s the advantage of working with the Auskiw design team after all, it’s your home..

At Auskiw Homes, we know what it takes to design and build high-quality, innovative, and unique homes that not only suit your tastes, but also suit your needs. We also know you want a home builder who will stick with you and answer your questions throughout the home building process. We know you want your home to be well designed and well constructed. We also know you want it to be ready when we say it will be and always on budget.

Choose Auskiw for your new home design and construction, and we’ll work with you to create a wonderful new home that works for your needs and your budget.


Auskiw Homes

Unit 5 / 10 Tombo Street
Qld 4157


Tel & Fax: 07 3245 3294
M : 0413 612 244
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